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Women’s Feminine Ribbed Fitness Co-ord


Feel elegant and sexy with our ribbed fitness co-ord. Its round neckline is timeless, whilst its crop falls at a chic length, still allowing you to show off those stunning curves with its thick ribbed hem. Its leggings are high...

Women’s Shaping Longline Vest


Wear this shaping longline vest under your form-fitting tops to help you feel empowered in your natural body. It remodels your silhouette, and smooths your stomach for the best stomach control.Our vest is in high quality stretch comfort, proving that...

Women’s Shaping Bodysuit


Smooth out and enhance your curves with our shaping bodysuit. Featuring underwiring and sheer panelling, it lifts and enhances your breasts and butt. Its stitching draws attention to your waist to create the perfect hourglass figure.Wear this under your most...

Women’s Body Shaping Pants


Opt for these high quality body shaping pants to hold in your core and lift and shape your butt. Our pants are invisible under all your most form-fitting outfits, perfect for showcasing those fabulous curves!These pants will support and lift...

Women’s Full Brief Shaping Pants


Feel the best version of yourself with our full brief shaping pants. Featuring a high waist and butt lifting technology, it will have you loving even your more form-fitting outfits.It’s your time to shine with our shapewear. It sculpts your...

Women’s High Rise Shaping Pants


Flatten your stomach and showcase your curves with our high rise shaping pants. In a thong shape, it avoids those pesky visible pantie lines in your most form fitting outfits, while its high waist will still provide comfort.With 360 degree...

Women’s Girdle


Embrace your natural body shape with this girdle. We picked this because it’s not just any girdle - it lifts your butt and smooths out your stomach to perfect your beautiful body.The open bust feature allows you to wear your...

Women’s Stomach Control Suit


Our stomach control suit supports and smooths your body for the perfect hourglass figure. This style can be used under a form-fitting dress or in everyday life just to make you feel that extra bit special! Featuring a zip detail...

Women’s Seamless Body Shaper


This body shaper will enhance every single curve by smoothing out your stomach, hips and thighs, and that’s not its only purpose! Create a sporty yet flattering look by wearing this on its own with a denim jacket for a...