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4 Outfits For Staycation

By: :Kateryna Kharcgenko 0 comments
4 Outfits For Staycation

The world may not be your lobster this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time out for yourself, and enjoy the sights of your own city. Staycation is becoming all the rage – and like in years past, you would have prepared your vacation suitcase, how about you prepare your staycation wardrobe? Why change tradition? At Davinci’s we believe that your body should be flaunted, no matter the occasion, and that every curve should be embraced. Because no global pandemic should put a stop to celebrating you!

So what – you may not need to pack a bikini, or a summer dress? You can still find fabulous outfits to flaunt your figure and enjoy your staycation! Show off those impressive curves with some fashionable outfits, no matter the occasion! Whether you have got a series of outdoor activities planned, or just want to look super caj for a meet up with friends, you’ll always have an excuse to rock some confidence-boosting outfits. Because staycation isn’t a synonym with pajamas 24/7!

Cashmere Casual

Cashmere may seem like a winter fabric, but it can be worn all year round. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable, and it gives a luxurious touch to your most casual outfits. This is why we love our cashmere sweatpants – they are stylish with their wide leg cut that will swish elegantly with your every move. Like the Davinci woman, it’s stylish, sporty and chic. We recommend adding a sexy touch to show off your waistline with a crop top, and throwing over a denim jacket. This outfit is perfect for a staycation picnic with friends or grabbing coffee before daytime sightseeing. We love to dress active women, the globetrotters, the girlbosses, the fashionistas, and we are here to dress your curves

Motivating Mint

A little mint color co-ord is the best way to add a splash of color to your staycation wardrobe. We believe that every inch of your body should be celebrated and highlighted, think of yourself as a work of art in a fancy frame! Imagine this for yoga in the park, drinks by the lake or just for running errands, just for every aspect of the Davinci woman’s life. Just throw on an oversized pastel shade sweater over the top of this outfit for a typically spring-like look. We opt for flattering, sculpting and sexy dense fabric that will tone your body and elongate your frame. Who said off duty had to be plain? The cycling shorts will cinch you in at the waist and elongate your legs – because now’s a better time than any to embrace your natural body shape!


Marvel in Moka

For Sunday hikes with friends, we think you should opt for our flattering moka sportswear co-ord. The color is good enough to drink, and suits all skin tones. The crop top shows off just the right amount of skin, and teamed with a waterproof jacket, will be the ideal outfit for battling the great outdoors and embracing the sports bunny you are. No hiking outfit has to be frumpy, in fact – quite the opposite! For afternoon dates, rock the top on its own with a pair of mom jeans for a girl-next-door vibe. Because Davinci ladies are always on the go, powerful, and achieving those goals!


Soft To The Touch

Velvet adds a luxurious touch to your style – it makes you look put together, even when you’re lounging at home. The cropped hoodie has a 90s’ vibe to it that makes us all nostalgic, whilst the slim fit leggings flatter your frame and give you legs for days. We are here for enhancing our body shape and feeling fabulous at Davinci’s, we know you deserve it! For your staycation, change the meaning of girls’ night – you don’t necessarily have to go out on the town, why not have a self-care evening and bring out your favorite loungewear? With sets as stylish as this, why should they be for your eyes only?


Staycation is so underrated - there are so many things to do in your nearest town or city! Davinci’s empowering outfits will help you feel ready to face the world, and eventually, discover it all over again! We love wearing our Davinci outfits that motivate us to keep on believing in ourselves and our bodies.


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