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11 Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram

By: :Kateryna Kharcgenko 0 comments
11 Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Well done you! You have kicked the butt out of your new year’s resolution to get fitter and reach your goals. But how can you keep these good habits up? Because boy, lazing about at home sounds pretty sweet too! Instead of zoning out whilst scrolling aimlessly down your social media feed, get inspired by Instagram, not just Davinci’s account, but also by impressive influencers that make us want to enhance our bodies and our fitness experiences.

Yeah, you heard right, Instagram can inspire you. Though there are some serial Photoshoppers out there, you can also find motivating content to help you embrace your body, and rejuvenate your mind and soul. At Davinci’s, fitness is a huge part of our lifestyle - there is nothing quite like reaching your targets and rocking some amazingly flattering sportswear. To get you started on your fitness journey, here are some amazing fitness Instagrammers out there that will make you want to keep on moving!


Carly Rowena is a British influencer that covers everything from fitness to sexuality. As the ultimate Girlboss of fitness, she runs her own fitness package called #LetsSweat, born during the first lockdown, allowing her followers from all over the world to keep fit and active during the pandemic. She has a range of experts holding classes such as yoga, barre and boxing to allow you to choose from a wide range of activities, all available via her website. At Davinci’s, we admire her because she means business, and discusses a wide variety of topics on her Instagram such as fitness, sexuality and relationships, all whilst being a badass business woman. On top of this, she creates workout reels on Instagram to allow you to try out her workouts in the comfort of your own home. No need to splash out on expensive gym gear, for Carly’s workouts, you can use things you can find in your home!


Hayley Madigan is not only a fitness influencer but also gives her followers a confidence boost through her body empowerment posts. She teaches them how to love themselves naturally and authentically, and how to embrace their natural body shape - something that is so in line with Davinci’s ethos. We all know that Instagram hides a few secrets, and influencers and even people we know personally edit and alter their body until it’s unrecognizable. We also enjoy her workouts, she caters for different levels and even makes them live for you guys to try out alongside her – perfect during these times where your gym may be shut! Her natural, down-to-earth personality will make you want to follow her all the more!


Meet Rauve, aka, the “Online Booty Builder”. Quite the entrepreneur, he owns the Good Fitness App and has even created his own 3-month “Better Booty Program”. His Instagram profile is full of inspiring photos from his clients, as well as top tips to improve your workouts. He answers your questions and motivates you through quotes to ensure you don’t give up! The results speak for themselves! And we can’t wait to see you try his workouts with our super-sculpting fitness sets, kicking some serious ass and reaching those all-important targets! At Davinci’s, we’re all about empowering you to achieve big things in your fitness regimes, and Rauve’s feed is the perfect way to do so!


Joe Wicks, or the Body Coach, motivated the British population during the first lockdown with his workouts for parents and for kids alike! He also runs the Joe Wicks Plan, promising results within 90 days. His Instagram feed is full of real motivation – before and after photos from people who have tried out his plan, and some previews of his YouTube workouts – allowing you to feel empowered in your body in your own living room in your Davinci’s activewear! Added bonus? Some amazing home cooking posts! What more could you ask for? Because the Davinci woman can be athletic, sexy, and of course, an incredible chef - she’s multi-talented! 


Personal trainer Alice is a columnist for Women’s Health UK, showing she certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to fitness. Why do we love her? She has her own podcast, discussing a variety of topics with experts, called Give Me Strength. She is a real Davinci woman, showing the different sides to her personality - a fitness queen, ambitious, talented and stylish! She offers quick workouts for women on the go and shows a few photos  of herself feeling her cute outfits – because it’s perfectly fine to think we look hot today! In fact, it’s what we, at Davinci’s, want you to feel all day, every day!


German influencer Mady’s feed is fitness-aplenty! Her specialty? Yoga! Her videos offer yoga, to cure back pain (yes, please!) and different workouts to tone your arms, legs and butt – our favorite areas to work on! At Davinci’s, we all love to try out yoga positions and find our inner peace, so her pages are our dreams come true!  Her Instagram page is full of pictures performing yoga positions in the most picturesque of places – you’ll soon be inspired to create your own challenges!


Meet John and Leon, online coaches and fitness professionals that have been taking the industry by storm. They offer online training with feedback and 1-2-1s so you feel motivated and don’t feel alone when working out in your own space. Through their Instagram feed, you get to see their fitness regimes on a day-to-day basis and the challenges they create for themselves. They also give you some serious work out inspiration so you can get onto improving your strength and having fun while you’re doing it! Keeping active is hard, but so rewarding - fitness is a constant journey, with new hurdles to overcome, and that’s what they realistically show us.


Strictly Come Dancing professional Gorka Marquez, not only makes you want to dance, but also give your body an intense workout. He shows that people can be versatile - you can be good at dancing and weightlifting, in equal measure! Just as you can be a brilliant career woman and a work of art! He regularly posts work out ideas to keep you busy at home, and shows off some of his moves! He is also trained in personal training, so he uses this expertise to show you some unique workout styles that will keep you looking toned and fit!


Kayla Itsines is the co-founder of Sweat, fitness programs including all of your gym faves – HIIT, strength, barre and yoga – so you feel at your absolute best! Her Instagram workouts make you want to hit those targets – she caters for so many different fitness levels so you can build up your strength slowly but surely, as well as safely! We also love watching her working out with her mom – what a great time to spend some mother/daughter time! Any body, any woman, can get started on her fitness journey and look after her incredible body - you’ve been through thick and thin with it after all!


Tatiana, or Training With T, rocked the fitness world with her Move Better, and then improved our lockdowns with her Training With T app. She is truly inspirational, having started off in physical therapy before really discovering her love for personal training, she lost all her jobs due to the pandemic, but did she let her stop her? Why would she? Instead she launched her online programs – and she really is living the dream now! Like a Davinci woman, she is bold, fierce, unapologetic and ambitious, which makes us love her all the more!


Sometimes you need someone to just say, “You’ve got this!”, and when it’s not Davinci’s, Angela Gargano is that person to egg you on and help you never give up on your dreams. It’s not just her kickass workouts that will leave you inspired, but her work ethic and self-development posts also will. She is also the founder of Strong Feels Good, a program containing 5 workouts a week and live classes to keep you ripped!

Now you’ve got our personal favorite fitness accounts - let us know yours! Tell us over on Instagram at @davinci_s_art - we’re open to suggestions! Remember ladies - your bodies are temples! If you have any killer workouts for us to try - we are all ears. Just remember, fitness is all about targets but also about being in tune with your body, so no matter what the activity is, the key is to enjoy keeping active!

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